Python Fundamentals
Learn Python from Basics!
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This is the most fundamental course in Python designed for beginners. Python has now become one of the hottest and most sought-after programming languages and it can kickstart your Python programming skills from zero to hero. The course is going to encompass concepts like writing simple programs in Python, built-in Data Structures and learning program execution techniques like Multithreading & Multiprocessing. Python is extensively used in domains such as Big Data, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Our Python experts, Jatin Katyal and Himank, are the guiding instructors for the Python course. Python is used extensively in the software development industry as well in Data Science. Popular Web Apps like Youtube & Instagram are built in Python. To acquire advanced skills in Python, we advise the keen learners to further opt for the next and advanced level- Python for Data Science or Python for Developers.

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Python Basics
Async Programming in Python
Intermediate Python
Data Science Libraries
Python for Web (BS, Requests, Flask)
Python Chatbots
Python Automation
Machine Learning Introduction
Web Apps in Flask
Backend Development
Deploying ML Models ✅ (Flask) ✅ (Django) ✅ (Flask+Django)
Projects 4 Mini Projects 5 Django Projects 10 Mini Projects
Capstone Project Python Game Face Recogntion Social Media Platform Social Media Platform
Pre-requsites - Python Basics Programming in C++/Java Programming in C++/Java
Addons Practice Problems Data Science Challenges Coming Soon Coming Soon
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Course Includes
Designed for Beginners
Python Quizzes & Challenges
Mentor & Doubt Support
Course Includes
Designed for Beginners
Python Quizzes & Challenges
Mentor & Doubt Support
About Mentors
Jatin Katyal
[email protected]

Jatin is a full-stack web developer and has worked with various start-ups in the field of HCI and IoT. He has won more than 10 hackathons including Microsoft campus Hack, TATA Crucible Hackathon, and Angel Hack.

Prateek Narang
[email protected]

Currently doing his Masters in Machine Learning from IIT Delhi, Prateek is an ace programmer who has worked with SanDisk and HackerEarth in the past. He has also won prestigious hackathons including Google’s Code For India and Smart City Hackathon. A Computer Science Graduate from DTU, he is highly popular among students for his teaching methods. His interactive CV ( is also well known in 120+ countries.

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Anshul Mittal
Anshul Mittal
Android Development Course
Coding Blocks helped in gaining enough experience to get internships at giants like Google and Rubrik.
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Sidharth Bansal
Sidharth Bansal
Web Development
Hii I am Sidharth Bansal from Delhi technology university. I have done competitive boot camp from coding blocks. This gave me a great exposure to problem solving mindset.
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Samarth Jain
Samarth Jain
Competitive Programming
My journey in the world of Competitive Programming started with the Bootcamp at Coding Blocks, which turned out to be a changing point in my life. The immense amount of knowledge I got during the course did not only develop my interest but also made me pursue this field later. A special thanks to Shubham bhaiya, Mayank bhaiya and Prateek bhaiya for being the guiding lights in my journey and always motivating us to follow our passion!
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