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Master Data Structures and Algorithms in Java. Crack Coding Interviews
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This uniquely designed online course covering advanced topics of Data Structures & Algorithms by Coding Blocks is a complete package for all the budding programmers who aspire to gain expertise in Data Structures and Algorithms or are appearing for their internship/placement interviews. This online Data structures and algorithm course is offering you a wealth of programming challenges that you may face at your next job interview. With over 250 video lectures and several practice problems. Through these online classes and practicing problems, the students will not only become more efficient with their solutions by optimizing space and time but this course will also provide them a firm base to excel in all their programming interviews. The classes start with a basic revision of recursion followed by advanced topics such as OOP(s), Complexity Analysis, etc. The core focus of these Java classes is to maintain an equilibrium between theory and practical knowledge with an ample amount of practice of questions based on Sorting, Searching, Greedy Algorithms, Divide and Conquer Algorithms, Dynamic Programming along with a comprehensive revision of data structures like linked-lists, Trees, Graphs, Heaps, Hashing etc.

Course Highlights

• Extensive Data Structures & Algorithmic Coverage
• 300+ Video Lectures and Code Challenges
• Hint Videos for Complex Problems
• Lifetime Assignment Access
• Advanced Topics for Interviews
• Expert Doubt Support for 6 months(only for Premium version)

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Feature Wise Comparison

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Time Required 1 Month 3 Months 4 Months 4 Months


Anyone and everyone with prior experience in Java is all set!

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Major Topics Covered
STACKHASHTABLERECURSIONBACKTRACKINGBitManipulationDSAInterview QuestionsPriority QueueSegment TreesJava
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Course Includes
200+ Expert Lessons
180 Coding Challenges
Ace Interviews
Code Pair & Doubt support
Course Includes
200+ Expert Lessons
180 Coding Challenges
Ace Interviews
Code Pair & Doubt support
About Mentors
Rishab Kapoor
[email protected]

Rishab is a graduate from Guru Nanak Dev University, Rishab has worked with Harman Connected Services as a software engineer. He is proficient with web development related technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript along with Internet of Things development, OSGi framework, Spring and Hibernate.

Garima Chhikara
[email protected]

Garima pursued her masters from IIIT-Delhi and joined Coding Blocks to pursue her passion for teaching.

Monu Kumar
[email protected]

Monu is a Competitive programmer and an expert in Data structures, Algorithms, and Mathematics. He always amazes his students with his creative thinking to solve problems and makes solutions to tough problems a cakewalk. He is witty and has a strong grasp of the core subjects of Computer science

Kartik Sapra
[email protected]

Kartik is an Open source enthusiast. He is a Competitive programmer and expert in Data structures, Algorithms and Java technologies. He is a GSoCer and is among top 20 contributors in fabric8-maven-plugin project by RedHat and contributed significantly to checkstyle. He has also mentored in Google code-in for two years consecutively. He is loved by students for his innovative style of teaching. He is also an experienced developer.

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Anshul Mittal
Android Development Course
Coding Blocks helped in gaining enough experience to get internships at giants like Google and Rubrik.
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Sidharth Bansal
Web Development
Hii I am Sidharth Bansal from Delhi technology university. I have done competitive boot camp from coding blocks. This gave me a great exposure to problem solving mindset.
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Samarth Jain
Samarth Jain
Competitive Programming
My journey in the world of Competitive Programming started with the Bootcamp at Coding Blocks, which turned out to be a changing point in my life. The immense amount of knowledge I got during the course did not only develop my interest but also made me pursue this field later. A special thanks to Shubham bhaiya, Mayank bhaiya and Prateek bhaiya for being the guiding lights in my journey and always motivating us to follow our passion!
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