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Dynamic Programming - Must Do Problem Set!
Go from Zero to Hero in DP, by solving AtCoder DP Problems.
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Kartik Arora
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We are in a world moving towards intense technological advancement made with the right knowledge and skills. We, at Coding Blocks, are here to make you proficient in the skills of the present and future. Many real life problems need optimised solutions to save user time, and Dynamic Programming is the one of the most popular algorithmic optimisation techniques. This also make it one of the favorite topic of a Interview Process, and interviewers try to give atleast 1 DP problem in an interview round. But at the same due to lot of variations in DP Problems, it becomes a hard topic to master. So we have brought up a Dynamic Programming Master Course and this DP Problemset Course to help you ace all types of DP Problems and online competitions. If you have less time and looking forward to ace complex DP Problems with new variants then this course is for you. If you are some one who still has couple of months left for internships or placements, we recommend choosing our Dynamic Programming Master Course.


  • Learn from Scratch
  • 10+ hours of video content
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Detailed Discussion on DP Concepts
  • Learn More in Less Time
  • Extra Questions for Practice
  • 26 Best Problems on DP
  • Learn all DP flavours in less time
  • Learn Less Known Tricks about DP
  • Hands-on-Implementation
  • Expert Doubt Support for 6 months(only for Premium version)

In our Dynamic Programming – A Must Do Problem Set, Prateek Narang and Kartik Arora, our expert mentors, would teach you the best questions of Dynamic Programming designed by RedCoders, to make you a master and help you gain confidence to crack any coding interview.

Comparison between similar offerings

Course Features DP Must Do Problem Set DP Master Course
Concepts Covered All All
Questions + Videos 40+ ~200+
Lead Mentor Kartik Arora (Morgan Stanley) Sanyam Garg (Google)
Co-Instructors Prateek Narang Prateek Narang, Kartik Arora
Problem Set AtCoder AtCoder, Codeforces, Codechef, Spoj, HackerBlocks
Time Required to Complete ~1 Month ~ 3-4 Months
Pre-requisites Basics of Algorithms Basics of Algorithms
Level Beginner to Expert Beginner to Expert
Lite Mode Available Available
Addons 10 Practice Questions Topic Wise Quizzes & Practice Questions, IncludesDP Must Do Problem Set Course

Note - This course is also included with Dynamic Programming Master Course. You may consider taking that course for more number & variety of questions.

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Major Topics Covered
SEGMENT TREEMATRIX EXPONENTIATIONGAME THEORYPROBABILITY2D ArrayClassical DP VariationsCompetitive ProgrammmingDP Hard ProblemsDP Interview QuestionsDP OptimisationDP on GraphsDP on IntervalsDP on TreesDP with BitmasksDP with Convex Hull TrickDigit DPExchange Argument DPGrid DPMini CourseMultidimensional DP
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Course Includes
Problems from AtCoderDP
All DP Flavours
Easy to Hard Level
Certification of Completion
Course Includes
Problems from AtCoderDP
All DP Flavours
Easy to Hard Level
Certification of Completion
About Mentors
Kartik Arora
[email protected]

Graduating in June 2020 from Delhi Technological University, Kartik Arora is a passionate programmer who is an expert in the field of algorithms and data structures. He has a great interest in Competitive programming and can be seen regularly taking part in coding competitions like Google CodeJam and Google Kickstart securing top ranks.

He has previously worked with Morgan Stanley as an intern and will be joining as an FTE soon.

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Anshul Mittal
Anshul Mittal
Android Development Course
Coding Blocks helped in gaining enough experience to get internships at giants like Google and Rubrik.
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Sidharth Bansal
Sidharth Bansal
Web Development
Hii I am Sidharth Bansal from Delhi technology university. I have done competitive boot camp from coding blocks. This gave me a great exposure to problem solving mindset.
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Samarth Jain
Samarth Jain
Competitive Programming
My journey in the world of Competitive Programming started with the Bootcamp at Coding Blocks, which turned out to be a changing point in my life. The immense amount of knowledge I got during the course did not only develop my interest but also made me pursue this field later. A special thanks to Shubham bhaiya, Mayank bhaiya and Prateek bhaiya for being the guiding lights in my journey and always motivating us to follow our passion!
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