Building Web Apps with React JS
Learn to build single page applications using ReactJS.
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Tathagat Thapliyal, Naman Kumar
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The online React JS course has been designed keeping in mind the technology of the future. This course is for anybody having a basic understanding of Javascript and writes code in Javascript. The course trajectory will begin from the very basics of React, starting from barebones react and moving towards advanced concepts in React. The course is fully project-driven, to ensure that you have full hands-on experience in React. The course would cover topics including UI, React Paradigm, Components in React, State Management, Props, Fetching Data From API, etc. React JS was developed by Facebook and is a highly popular frontend library used by BigWigs such as Apple, Airbnb, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and many others.


  • • Covering React JS from basics
  • • Project-based learning approach
  • • Basic and advance topics covered
  • • Expert doubt support


Intermediate Knowledge of Javascript concepts is required. Having knowledge about ES6 is good, although optional.

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Tathagat Thapliyal

A Full-Stack Engineer and has worked with many amazing startups. He Always loves to build products and see it impacting people's needs. He has built applications using web technologies like React.js, React-Native, Ember.js, Node.js, GraphQL. He has given various talks on web technologies in Big conferences such as React Summit Amsterdam.

Naman Kumar

A FullStack engineer at Product Hunt, having experience of working with multiple teams on building diverse web platforms at scale. To fulfill his passion for building products, starting from initial days of college, he worked with startups including HackerEarth and Grofers. He works majorly on technologies including Graphql, React, Vue, NodeJs and Ruby on Rails.

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Anshul Mittal
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